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As many times as I told my kids that using curse words were a sign of a low vocabulary it just didn't sink. Probably because their father laughed whenever I said that, along with a snarky comment to the effect of "yeah, that's us, low-brow". That said, the N-word was never used. I'm sure they heard it but they would have never used it. Mostly because it is disrespectful and unkind. And if there were two things that my husband and I drilled into the boys it was to be respectful and kind.


Great post! Sorry I'm so late to the party this week! Here's my link: http://pegbur7.wordpress.com/2012/05/04/word/

Michele R.

Great post! I curse alone in the car when people piss me off. Hubs swears--in fact we always said if the boys ever get called to the principal's office for a swear word he will know where it came from--but it's never happened. Our boys also learned the N word is not something tolerated. Imagine Oldest's confusion when he got to middle school (diverse with many races and nationalities and White students are a minority) and Black students use the word to each other (and to friends not Black) in a "dude" sort of friendly way. He asked his friends why they say that and they are not sure how it got started.

I jumped on the Spin today!


Sprite's Keeper

Urgh, kids like that make me see red. One of them is in Sprite's class, yes, a five year old. Little cuss sure knows how to.
I have a Spin!
I'm so proud of me!


You know, as a card carrying member of The Blacks, I have to admit the word has always, always been troublesome to me. Yet, growing up, I admit I laughed at its casual use by comedians. Now, though, I can't help but balk at its overuse in casual conversation between men, women, teens, in "entertainment". I clearly recall a time when I didn't recoil, wasn't disgusted. Shouldn't I be disgusted upon hearing it anywhere, from anyone? It's taken me to the ripe age of 38 to say that I am. I can't tolerate it now, literally. If I hear the kids on the train use it, I get off; it's that simple. In movies, songs...I bristle and change the channel. It pisses me off. Younger people claim it's beguiling -- a word so filled with hate, yet so uncharacteristically endearing that they've reclaimed its meaning. Bullshit.

We talked to the girls early about cussing. I have a foul mouth but never had a problem not cussing in front of them. Well, except in the car. I let it out in the car. This is perhaps why my oldest daughter, at 3, would say dammit when she drove her play cars around the living room.

Also, I like to say motherphucker.


I don't think I would know how to react to that. And the C word...I hope we're talking about the one that ends in "p," right??? I think you handled it great, though. And good for Jude for realizing that this kid isn't good news.

Jan's Sushi Bar

Kids know jerks when they meet them, especially sensitive kids like Jude; I'm not surprised he's decided not to be Johnny's friend any more.

I'm going to have to think about how I handle next week's post - the subject of my own mother has become verboten on my blog.


Kids and cussing always makes such an endearing story and this one is no exception -- and it is great that Jude could vet the whole thing with you. Maybe little Johnny ended up learning something, too!


Sounds like perfect parenting to me. Both my sons feel like the "r" word is as bad as the "n" word -- as do I. However, they are constantly disappointed to hear it used daily, even by adults. Sigh.


Believe it or not I actually wrote a Spin. Crazy right? http://michele-dogslife.blogspot.com/2012/05/spin-cycle-words.html


Oh. My. The N word. That one...you know, I never heard it uttered aloud until we lived across the street from a family who used it in the way Arnebya discusses above, "taking it back," I suppose. I wanted to march right over there, and say, "How on EARTH do you expect my son to grow up knowing that is an inappropriate word if you use it so blatantly." I never did. I'm a mealy-mouth when it comes right down to it.

As for the other cussing, though? The only "cuss word" that's off limits in my mind is the c-word. The rest I'm good for. ;)

The way we explain it to the boys is that using swear words is like drinking alcohol or having sex - you have to be old enough and mature enough to use/do it appropriately with a true understanding of situations and consequences. They seem to accept that.


Finding the A-word in the book reminds me of how we used to chuckle during a documentary about the Hoover Dam whenever they mentioned the "Dam Workers" or the "Dam site". We often wondered why they didn't call it the "Darn site" instead...

Then of course, there is the elusive "Heck-a-copter"

Ginny Marie

It's hard to know that our kids will be exposed to the bad...I guess we can just hope that they have been exposed to enough good to know the right things to do! It sounds like Jude has been. :)

I have a post for you...finally!


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