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OMG! I remember all those stages on myself except with blonde stick straight hair. I'm at short and wavy with more than a touch of humidity frizz.


I am impressed with all of the beautiful looks you've pulled off with curly hair -I haven't been that fortunate! And for the record, I adore your short haircut...you were brave and gorgeous!

Stacy Uncorked

I love that you went through all the same stages as me through the years - aside from the short 'dos, that I visited once and never went back because I realized in spite of the thickness and extra work, I prefer myself with long hair. :) You wore all the styles so well! Well, OK, except for the crazy flat iron one...that one made me giggle. ;)


You are stunning! I love every hairstyle! You wore each one so brilliantly. I'm thinking you could make bedhead sexy!


You're gorgeous! You know that, right?

I'm the same way in that I am constantly looking for the right cut. I love your hair curly and in that bob. Also, the Elizabeth Taylor look was stunning!


I think you're absolutely gorgeous no matter what your hairstyle is. But we can thank Brooke Shields for the eyebrow thing back in the 80s - she made 'em fashionable.

And I may be late to the party, but my Spin is up: http://www.janssushibar.com/?p=13429


I went through a lot of those stages myself! And now I go between curly and straight. When I need a quick style I use the mousse and stay curly. If I have a little more time I can dry it and flat-iron it.

And I'm not really sure what happened to your blog (or really mine) and you disappeared from my feed and I haven't had time to even look. So no spin from me this week. But I will be back next week!

the redc

I can totally relate - and you at least skipped the curly mullet phase I went through in 5th grade. WORST. HAIR. EVER. I have destroyed all the evidence (I hope). I jsut keep mine long now, as I dread achieving The Shirley Temple Look with short hair. Bangs is the next frontier for me... ;)


Now see, I get a perm so I can have curls like yours. I still have yet to find the right combination of products so my dry hair does not do a limp frizz thing.

Michele R.

Oh I have loved looking and reading this post! That is so wild you started out blond! Your pictures are all so gorgeous. It is hard to pick a fave. The Hubs and boys are watching about 3 episodes in a row of Seinfeld right now.
I wanted to do a post but I am now heartsick because ever since I did some closet re-arranging I can no longer find the photo album of me and my life before marriage.
I have enjoyed looking at the linked up bloggers too.


OMG, that 80's workout shot is THE BOMB. SO retro fabulous.

And Liz Taylor thing? Wow. That shot is amazing. Stunning. You are gorgeous. Totally Mad Men. Why haven't they cast you on Mad Men????

I envy your frizz. I know it annoys the hell out of you, but seriously...the body you can achieve!!! Sigh.

It's hilarious that you and I have ended up with very similar styles after very different hair journeys.

I've posted! Shocking, I know... http://aimeewrites.com/a-somewhat-hairy-discussion/


There is NOTHING awkward about your bangless period; you are gorgeous! I'm sure you wouldn't have believed me at the time. I love the current look too (maybe b/c I'm curly too).


I can't believe how light your hair was when you were younger. It was beautiful then and it (and you) is beautiful now!

Sprite's Keeper

I'm just catching up on Friday's posts now and DAMN you have a lot of hair! I love the Rachel on you,but your current headshot has everything I love about curls. I wish my hair would do that!

Ginny Marie

Oh, I am so behind on my Spins! I loved this one! Seeing all your hairdos...so fun! My hair has gone from short to the dreaded 80's perm to short to long to short. There's my hair spin in a nutshell. ;)

Curtis Mchale

Your pictures are just fabulous! I agree with you on the boy short cut. Curly hair can be very hard to maintain. Some girls are not so willing to experiment with different styles. Some say that it will not look good on them, but judging by your photos, I can see that it’s not all that bad. At least now, you know which one looks good on you, and which one is the perfect look for you.

human hair pieces

This is a great record. Every single image show the process of the change. Amazing woman.

Stela Dimitrov

I agree with you about the boy short cut. A natural curly hair does look awkward in it, and maintaining it is really hard since this hair type can become unruly sometimes. Nonetheless, the boy short cut looks good on you, and it is good that you tried it. At least you had experienced having both short-length and long-length hairstyles.


I love this! It shows such an interesting progression of hairstyles. I have curly hair as well, and it can definitely be hard to control and maintain. I love to look at stuff like this to get ideas of how to style my own hair. Thanks for posting!

Podiatrist Calgary

She actually have a nice hair, she looks perfectly great in every hairstyle.

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