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That button totally sums up writers! And I would watch just about anything Jason Isaacs did, even if it was a toothpaste commercial.


Jason Isaacs is a sexy, sexy beast, that is for darn sure.

And the button. Yes. Just...yes.


Loved the video. I kept thinking that this was surely what I looked like in ballet class at 5.

JR likes to go shopping but isn't allowed to go on his own. For 2 reasons; 1. he never gets the stuff we really need and 2. he buys too much junk food (mostly fritos and beer).


My husband does the majority of the grocery shopping while I do the majority of the cooking. But. When I get overly specific as in giving him brand names or recipes to take with him, no. He'll get the basics and I'll have to go separately for specifics. I don't mind. I'd much rather go and get Uncle Ben's if the alternative is him coming in w/Success Rice or Safeway brand bread just b/c it was on sale. Also, the hell I'ma do w/Safeway brand bread? Did you even feel it? It's utterly unsquishable.


I rarely send Nick to the store by himself. He spend way too much on stuff that I could find cheaper and gets stuff we don't need. He impulse shops way more than I do. We often go together, but I don't think that makes him a primary shopper.


Okay, I'm with you - I call bullshit on 51% of men being the primary grocery shoppers for the family. Now, Beloved will - and does - shop with me every week (mostly so he can pick out the snacks), and he *can* shop by himself, as he did last Saturday when I was up to my elbows in French Vanilla cake batter and fondant.

BUT...you MUST give him a list. A detailed one. And describe the packages the stuff comes in. For example, last Saturday's grocery list had this item: Spectrum Organics Non-Hydrogenated Vegetable Shortening (palm kernel oil) - 28 oz., white plastic tub, blue and gold label.

Also for example, I did NOT give a detailed description of the flaxseed oil (mostly because I don't buy it often), and spent 15 minutes on the phone with him while he described every type of flaxseed oil on the shelf.

I'm not complaining, though - he does it cheerfully and comes back with what's on the list, and a bare minimum of crap.

Michele R.

These comments crack me up. My Hubs will go and I must have a list and I will even put a * next to an item for which I've given him a coupon. BUT he will come back with a $20 piece of pork loin that we didn't need or something like that. And the store always has buy one get one free of stuff we use but he never looks beyond what he thinks we only need (inability to multi-task). So I prefer it if I go alone. Three times a week.
I do like Ashley Judd but I am awfully suspicious of the smooth forehead and new, full cheeks.
My Road Trip spin has been spun.


And happy belated birthday!

Stacy Uncorked

I absolutely LOVE both Awake and Missing - my two new favorites of the new spring shows. I've even gotten the hubby hooked on them both, which is a major feat since he's not a TV watcher like I am. ;)

That ballerina video had me laughing so hard I had tears!!

You are definitely not alone. There's a reason I banned the hubby from doing *any* grocery shopping. He never bought the 'right' things, and he definitely doesn't cook. I even have to tell him how to cook things on the grill - he's talented in other areas, cooking is not one of them. Nor is grocery shopping. ;)


I've been taping Awake but I haven't gotten around to watching it -- you've sparked my interest. As for husbands shopping, well, not a fair question for me since my husband is a chef. But I have to say that he's a TERRIBLE grocery shopper for us -- truly terrible. And that video of the little girl trying to stay in first position was awesome -- I especially loved the instructor's voice!

Sarah at 32Flavors

My husband does 5% of the cooking. That would be grilled cheese, and turkey burgers on the grill. Occasionally I send him to the store, but usually I want him to stay home with the children so I can go ALONE. But he's been saying lately that he wants to learn to cook something.

The Bug

BFTJ (before full time job), my husband did 99% of the shopping AND cooking. He was a Ph.D student & just had more time & talent for such things. Now that he's teaching FT, I have to to most of the shopping, although we share cooking duties (poor guy). But, really, I can poke a hole in something & nuke it with the best of them!


51%? No way! We do shop together but, no certainly not the primary shopper.

Have a great Tuesday!


We just started watching Awake too! I have them recorded and have started watching the first one but have been so tired I fell asleep! I will have to try to watch the Ashley Judd one too. I just love her!

Yes, hubby does the majority of the shopping and cooking for us. He loves shopping (for food) so I let him!

That dance video was absolutely adorable! TOO stinking cute!

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