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And, we have to mentally and emotionally prepare for Sherlock coming in May. Really, some people!


LOL TV can really get in the way of life, you know? Heh heh. Oh, my spin cycle is up.



That Stringer Bell will pull you right on in. And OMG Season 1? You are in for so much. So much.


ANd you must fulfill those responsibilities while making sure a boy is fed and to school and other activities and all that house stuff too. Too bad life doesn't come with a pause button.
My spin is up:


Your rant about Game of Thrones sounds like Beloved when he realized the new season of Mad Men had begun and we missed the first episode.

Sprite's Keeper

I missed you too, but I would never call you out on it. :-)


Sometimes we jut gotta take a moment for ourselves, don't we?

My spin will be up Friday morning:http://pegbur7.wordpress.com/2012/03/30/model-behaviour/

Have I told you lately how much I appreciate you? Well, if I haven't . . . I DO!

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