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Ginny Marie

WOW! That's freaky! It seems to be a BIG coincidence, if that's what your dream was!

Even after New Coke disappeared, my mom ordering "Classic Coke-a-Cola" every time we went to a restaurant so she wouldn't get the New Coke. She embarrassed my brother so much...it was so funny!

Ginny Marie

Got so caught up in remembering and laughing at my own comment I forgot to leave my link!



I firmly believe I have dreams that are the cause of the occasional deja vu feelings I get. The dreams aren't really remembered but then I do something and get the strangest feeling I've done it before. Vivid dreams can be fun.

Sprite's Keeper

Dude! Just DUDE! That is crazy and yet, so perfect!

Stacy Uncorked

That gave me chills! Does that mean you're psycho...I mean psychic? ;) Too cool!

Oh yeah, here's my lame-o participation:




Oh, now that seriously gave me the tingles reading this post! Yikes!

Here's my spin cycle post:



The Bug

Psycho, psychic - who knows - but it really IS pretty freaky! I'm glad that my recurring dream from childhood hasn't come true (nuclear holocaust - yikes!).


Maybe God was trying to get you to build the new development and make millions, and you missed the message so he sent it to someone else? He, he, he.

So, I can I still get in on the first spin? http://outoftheboondocks.blogspot.com/

I'm late, I suck, I know. But I promise I'll try harder next week.

Sarah at 32Flavors

Crazy!! I get major deja vu from dreams sometimes. But nothing quite like that. You're special.

Erica@Pines Lake Redhead

The scenery is beautiful! So different than anything I've ever seen before.

I was so excited to read that you created your own place in your dreams. But then I didn't feel so special when your drea turns out to be a premonition! Oh cool!


I don't believe in precognition, so I guess I belong in the "coincidence" camp - but it was a darn eerie one.

Sorry I didn't get a Spin in this week - I just couldn't come up with anything about "dreams." But taking a stand? Pthththth - you'll probably be able to use all five posts next week. :P


Very strange. I have done that... not the recurring dream and then being there but Deja Vu where I will go somewhere I have never been and will knwo EXACTLY what it will look like when I get there because I've seen it (dreamt it?) in the past.

I think it's very cool!


1. Yes, absolutely, you were probably having precognitive dreams.

2. THANK you for the next spin topic. There's been a post rumbling in my mind about SPD, and this is the perfect way to tackle it.

3. OMG, ADORABLE BUTTON!!!!! Keely is so talented.


I don't know what I think about your uncanny dream and it seeming to come to life. I imagine there are archetypal dreams, but this seems like something different. I actually don't believe that there are "coincidences." I believe, instead, in synchronicity.

I'm looking forward to perhaps participating in the next Spin Cycle as it might pull me out of my shell and onto a soapbox. :)


So strange. Very precognitive. And I was thinking the same thing that someone wanted you to do it but when you didn't someone else did!

Heidi Saperstein

Very cool dream. We lived in San Marcos and the hill country is where I like to be. I love the drive especially on RR 32 heading out of San Marcos toward Frederickburg. I'm glad we still get an opportunity to see it on occasion. BTW- I'm Jen's cousin (by marriage). Love the new home for the spin and can't wait to read more.


I know it's early, but I have my spin up for this Friday, the one about taking a stand. I was really excited about this topic! Here's the link:


Thanks for all that you do!

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