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And to think I've been considering writing about the first cake I ever baked. Mediocre? It's something I *aspire* to.


Nice. Even shooting a commercial sounds more than mediocre to me. ;)

Sprite's Keeper

Funny, I can't conjure up an image of those women in my head to save my life, but I can pick you out in a commercial IMMEDIATELY. I'd say that's a point in your favor.
You're linked!


Wow, this is incredible. And I'm with Jen--I didn't recognize any of those women until you said who they were. I wish YOU had been on thirtysomething!


At least you have something you can call a career. That's something right there.


This is an awesome story. I love hearing about your early acting days. I totally get what you mean about how you were so young you didn't know to be scared. Ah, youth!


PS: You're a million times prettier than Jerry Hall. She is probably a sweetheart but she looks like a horse.

Sarah at 32Flavors

This was completely and totally fascinating.


loved this story and I know that you are prettier than all three of those girls.!


Sometimes you never know if the people you know will make something of themselves. But it sounds like you enjoyed these firsts very well.

Thanks for sharing,


You rock. Seriously, you rock.


I'm curious what years you are talking about. I was hanging in LA with a lot of hopefuls in the early 80's, before I came to Hawaii and ended up staying.

On my trip to LA last week I stayed a couple days at my nephew's, who is a big agent with CAA. We sat up talking and drinking late one night and he was telling me how so many young actors fizzle out after one or two runs on a show. How the ones who end up with a long term career are the very fortunate few.

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