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Michele R.

Way to go Mom! It looks great. He is adorable and funny.


Turbo has a desk, but he does not have good lighting. he does his homework at the table, because I have to keep him on track--he's not the most focused. And the Legos would call to him in a voice that he would not resist. So the table it is.
What you put together for Jude is awesome. I'd love to shop Ikea. If it wasn't a 3 hour drive one way.


Awww...the newness of a cool place to study.

Sprite's Keeper

Yay for IKEA! We have that desk shelf combo in black in John's office. Instant fans.


I was about to comment with something pseudo-witty or sarcastic, but you have created something for Jude that is phenomenal ---- you've just allowed him a true "man cave" where he can focus completely on the task at hand, his life, his homework, his relationships, etc. This concept of a "man-cave" is more important to us dudes than you'll realize --- I don't know if Jimmy has one at your house but i bet he does. We always have to have an ordered place to "get away to." Not saying that women don't need the same thing, but I think guys will always acquiesce to letting women control the nest if you know what I mean.

What's really nice is that, as the matriarchal figure in the house, you have planted that concept in Jude that he must always have "that space to get away." As an only child myself, it was always so important to have that little desk. Well, in my case, my desk wan't that little. My mom was (is) a real estate broker, so I got her hand-me-down office desk. And in my current home, the Missus has allowed me a man-cave of sorts with our designated office.

Now, I realize that boys that are part of larger families with less resources do not grow up dysfunctional because they don't get their own little man-cave. But I betcha as soon as they do acquire the resources in life, they will build it. That's what we do.


Ok, that's two recommendations for the desk/bookshelf combo. Maybe we'll head out to Pittsburgh and check out Ikea.

He looks like he's ready to write a book in that picture.

Home Improvement Brisbane

the chair is really lovely , though My son who is 12 still loves to see bumble bee on everything he has, including tables and chairs,

Don F

"This is excellent lighting". That's hilarious! Looks like a nice, clean area to get some work done. Good for you and him on taking some action to make the study place a more focused area!

Faith Mcleod

I have also a set up like this in my room. It was my father who did it for me. They are just so amazing because they support me whenever I have endeavors.

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