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What a nice family you belong to and I say that because sometimes you are not born to your family you create it. Just as you all have.


I remember this post, and I loved it. I'm glad to read it again. I'm sorry, though, to hear about your continued incapacitation. Can I bring you anything?

Sprite's Keeper

I remember reading this the first time around! Was it really a year ago? Great stories never get old.
You're linked! (Feel better!!!)


I remember this the first time. I found my old friends on facebook as well, and our informal reunion was so perfect.

Great spin. Hope your back feels better soon. xo


I came over from the Spin Cycle. I love this story! Not only was it worth a re-run, I think there should be a book about the adventures at the San Gabriel Estate!


So glad you reran this story...what a great one it is! So wonderful to reignite deep long ago friendships. BTW, I LOVE the name Lannyl!


Gretchen, aren't facebook and old college friends AMAZING! I got to see all mine in one spot two summers ago. Hug my dear Chris and share in his journey to getting a new kidney...meet my "sisters" children and go to the zoo. Talk and talk and talk some more. sigh.


Hopefully I won't say the same thing I did before...

I went to my High School reunion, then around 4 years later I started finding people on Facebook. We originally organized the 20th year reunion through Classmates, but the 25th was organized through Facebook. I am truly surprised as to the number of people I am in contact with from High School through Facebook. Many of which I never was in contact when I was attending.

Thanks for your Spin re-Cycle (It's just as good the second time around).


Love the pictures! I also love your header!

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