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Amy in Australia

These are amazing!! Seriously. And Jude is adorable--I can't believe he laid an egg! Hilarious!

I remember your post about the Tiger Cub mtg where you felt guilty cause you didn't feel like you'd helped him earn enough badges...well girl, this costume and the effort involved proves you're a pretty with-it mama!

Erica@Pines Lake Redhead

That chicken costume was awesome! My first thought was, "OMG, tell me she didn't glue on every single feather." Good thinking with the boas.

Mama Badger

That costume is hysterical. You're not kidding when you said they go all out! In teams, even.

I feel for the newbie kids at our school, too. Little ones with older siblings (like little o) are prepared, but the really NEW kids? Screwed. You'd think they would warn them, or something.

Sprite's Keeper

Yay, Jude! I just knew he would win after you released what he wanted to be. Great costume! Most creative, huh?
How about a figment of one's imagination?
You're linked!


What a great costume - you did a wonderful job on it! The kid inside it is pretty cute too. ;o)


When we were at our Fall Festival, my MJ was dressed as the Twister Game. Some lady said, "That's the best game next to Clue." Guess I better get started on next year, Clue has a lot of props. HMMM...
Congrats Jude, that is an awesome costume, was he holding the eggs to drop out? So funny!


Jude's costume was awesome! Well done!



"Most Creative" is a pretty broad stroke. Does the anaconda kid win every year?


WOWZERS! I could not live up to that pressure!


That is v crafty of you, that costume, with the boas -- v smart. Rubber gloves!

Maybe yr poultry-guy is at that age where he says "nothing," when you ask him how was school, so you couldn't know, but Church has been observing All Hallows' Eve since Pope St Gregory made it the vigil for saints' remembrance. Feasting & merriment have been part of the culture for a thousand years, so no worries there.

What the frank is that kid with the butterfly net supposed to be?


WOW... Amazing! They really DO go all out, don't they? That's some creative parents. I feel bad for the kids whose parents don't go all out now!

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