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Great pass along sites. I would totally hate your friend except that she is your friend so she has to be great.


The Young One has been notoriously picky all of his life, as well. It's getting better, though, slowly but surely - while he's never had any problem with any kind of meat, vegetables aren't his favorites and the other night he had several bites of the butternut squash souffle without grimacing or gagging. And he ate most of his peas.

There IS hope!


I can only imagine the one with the sleep talking husband! That is a cash cow.



The Book Mama here. Thanks SOOOOOO much for the shout out. I love your site. (Also an L.A. mom btw) Please tell Amanda that I don't know her, but I think she has excellent taste. ;)

Again, I'm totally honored that I made your list!

Ginny Marie

I definitely need to look up that chicken recipe for my girls! Those roasted veggies look delicious, too!


I've just spent WAY too long on Catalog Living, so thanks for that.


I'm going to be all over that Book Mama site,and I have serious love for smitten kitchen. I also read this great blog called Second Blooming that you might enjoy...

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