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Those are wonderful!!!

The part about little and big boys? Truly brilliant and spot on.

Michele Renee

I'm impressed!! You are talented.
Also, I meant to comment the other day that I enjoyed your longer writing post about your ten reasons to love America. I appreciated and enjoyed it.

Sprite's Keeper

I needed this Spin.
Perfect way to start the day.
With a smile, you're linked!


I LOVE IT. Especially the old meatloaf. You've been in my fridge, haven't you? :P


These are great. I just might be inspired to clean my house--no probably not.


You are a master of haiku...and I agree with your opinion of housecleaning!

Mama Badger

Not only do you do windows but you write poetry about it. You're a keeper.

Aimee @ In THIS Life

Yay, another haikuer!! Nice job!


I way up in the middle of the night screaming out my housekeeper's name.


Standing ovation for you! Haiku!!!

Christopher (AKA: CaJoh)

Excellent Haiku from you! Takes a daunting task and simplifies it in a way we all can understand.

Thanks for sharing,


Great job! Can I come to your house for my reward for cleaning? I lve me some Margeritas!


I love it! Never has a haiku seemed more pertinent to my life!


Oh my goodness, I want a maid too! A wife would be better because then I don't have to pay her!

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