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OMG, this looks like the best party in the whole world!! I want to come next time. That obstacle course is amazing. We used to do obstacle courses at my son's parties and he still remembers. You're right about 20% doing 80% of the work. When you get to plan ANYthing with another person like this, it makes it so nice, doesn't it? Lucky Jude!!

unmitigated me (m.a.w.)

Wow. Just, wow.

The Bug

Amazing! And they looked like they had a lot of fun.

Sprite's Keeper

I am amazed and little resentful that I could not be that creative with Sprite's birthday.
Happy birthday, Jude!

Mama Badger

My birthday's in September, can you throw me a party? Lizzie will have the kid by then, right?

Captain Dumbass

My kids would lose it if they saw that. That is impressive.

BTW, I think that in the final scene of Lost, the church was just a place they had all gathered after they died, regardless of when they had died. Jack's father said time didn't mean anything there and that the island had been the most significant moment of their lives so that is why they all looked the same age.


Wow, that is awesome!! And I'm a 20%er too.


What a great party! That obstacle course alone took a lot of thought, and I can tell the kids loved it!

Lynn Hornsby

We lived in a little town that had two pizza shops, one owned by Mario and the other his brother, Luigi!! That party looks like it was fantastic!! The obstacle course was over the top! LOVE the invitations and all the other so-cute ideas; I'm sure Jude, Will and all the attendees will remember this party for years to come!


Awesome. You guys rock! I;ll bet all of thekids are wishing you were their moms!

Lawyer Mom

What amazing creativity. What an amazing Mario party. And that Lizzie? Oh Mighty Isis!


Oh, good Lord. I thought your son had a slumber birthday party already? In all seriousness, that party looked awesome -- I'm very impressed!


Show off! ;)
That was brilliant!

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