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Sprite's Keeper

I don't understand. The C thing has always worked for me before...
Congrats to Brenda!

Sarah at themommylogues

How fascinating & fun!


WOW! Thank You! I've never won anything over the Internet before. I'm kind of shocked I did this time! :o)

It was fun to learn more about your life and career. Thanks Gretchen!

Michele Renee

That was fun, Gretchen. Congrats to the winner!
Here are some of my thoughts in no particular order:
1). No, you could not play Heigl’s mother. Sister, yes.
2). There may be a market for that alien youth enhancing stuff.
3). The D-Cup wardrobe policy is sort of weird but sort of rational. Perhaps a genius idea for all TV and films???


Woohoo, that was fun. Congrats to Brenda!


I hope the rest of your birthday was wonderful! This was a fun post and I admit, now, to thinking you're very, very glamorous -- not just plain glamorous like I used to think. By the way, I landed up wandering around in a daze at Anthro yesterday and couldn't buy anything. I was overwhelmed by fabulousness.


Interesting and fun trivia. I am so cracking up thinking about Marcia Gay Harden running across this saying you watched her pee...she'd probably think "of all the things she could have said like watching me brush my teeth and she chose peeing!" Goes to show you never know what someone might tell on us!


Well, I guess I would never have had a snowball's chance in Hell of being on one of the STNG shows in the first place, but it makes me feel better to be able to say my DD boobs would have been too big, instead of admitting, "Yeah...I'm short, fat and can't act."


Award for you on my blog in the morning!


Happy Birthday!!! Belated. I saw this post and thought maybe I should get Brian to take the quiz and then I could WIN. But I thought, that's really not fair. I mean we are your blog fans, I am. . . but real people should be given the opportunity to win. And then I forgot to ask him anyway. And then Thursday blazed on by. Happy Birthday!


I can't tell you how disappointed I am to not be the winner. I may never read your blog again. Which would be tragic, since I only started reading your blog like 2 weeks ago and I've really enjoyed it. *sigh*

David P Hime

Gretchen, HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY! And I can't tell you how much I'm enjoying this site; you've made my week. If I'm behind on all things Second Blooming at least I'm in time to say this: Katherine Heigl is on the cover of this week's EW and every time I see it on the coffee table I think she's you! Plus, my nephew went to school with her (middle through high, I think) in New Canaan.

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